At Landsec, we are committed to the long-term investment of our developments and the communities that we are a part of. Our investment in Southwark communities include:

Construction Youth Trust

Wider careers engagement with students across several years in Southwark. This involves virtual careers sessions for young people to inspire them about working in our industry through meeting professional volunteers from our business and partners.

For more information on Construction Youth Trust, click here.


Reverse coaching with students in Southwark, with our employees paired 1:1 with students to support them over an academic year.

For more information on Circl, click here.

St Giles

Camberwell-based charity working to help those further from the job market back into work. We are working to open up employment and training opportunities on our Southwark developments.

For more information on St Giles, click here.

Southwark Works / Step Ahead

We are currently working with these two organisations to open up employment opportunities for Southwark residents on our developments in Southwark.

For more information on Southwark Works - Step Ahead, click here, for Southwark Works, click here.